Civil Engineering


Repair Expansion Plate on bridge Kootenay National Park

Carswell Consulting Engineers Ltd. is organized to serve government,industry, contractors, and developers, throughout the total spectrum of the Alberta business community, applying sound and up-to-date civilengineering/principles and practices.

A. Building: we have designed the following types of building and structures for which engineering and supervision services have been provided include the following:

  1. Industrial Projects.
  2. Material Handling Systems.
  3. Commercial Projects.
  4. Oil and Gas Related Facilities.
  5. Bridges and Traffic Structures.
  6. Institutional.
  7. Food Processing.
  8. Recreational Facilities.
  9. Residential. 

B. Roads: Carswell Consulting Engineers Ltd. has been involved in all classes and kinds of roads including arterial roads,highways,municipal roads,subdivision roads.
C. Dams, Dikes: Partial river dams for river water intake structures.
D. Reports:Economic and Feasibility Studies:

  1. Plant site studies.
  2. Feasibility studies.
  3. Market studies.
  4. Detailed studies and reports.
  5. Investigations and reports.
  6. Insurance losses,investigations and reports.

 E. Vertical Transportation:Overhead traction,passenger and freight elevators, basement mounted traction,passenger and freight elevators,hydraulic passenger and freight elevators, multi-story equipment and construction hoists, personal lifts and hoists,escalators.

 F. Failure Investigation and Remedial Repair: Acted as consultant to insurance underwriters,insurance adjusters,owners and alternatively the supplier of the facility or equipment involved.

 G. Land Development: Conceptual planning,optimization,highest and best use, layout and design,surveying by consultants,water and sewers,utilities,street, lights,roadway and pavement designs,drainage facilities.

 H. Expert Witness:Legal and court proceeding involving problems of an engineering nature.We have never lost a case.