Cost Consulting


Build Trimac Transportation Office and Shop Langley BC

Carswell Consulting Engineers Ltd. is available to act as consultant for construction mortgage, budget and draw reviews.These will encompass reviewing each construction draw complete with a visit to the site to ensure that materials on site, etc. are in line with those requested. Once we have been assured that the mortgage draw request is reasonable,we provide the bank with a letter stating our findings.

There are a number of major critical factors requiring the expertise of an experienced engineering consultant as follows:

  1. Complete a control budget which usually requires appraising the contractor architect’s budget, completing our own actual take off from plans and specifications to confirm their figures.
  2. Obtain copies of sub trade contracts and/or proposals.
  3. A copy of the development permit,its terms and conditions is generally required together with legal and level survey plans.
  4. On certain projects we have found it necessary to request copies of subtrade shop drawings in order to ascertain the  supplied item meets the requirements of the plans and specifications.